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BAMF Health Team

We believe in a future where advanced care is affordable and accessible to patients that need it most

Our global team is the embodiment of this patient-focused mission – visit BAMF Careers to become a member of our global family

Chad Bassett, MBA
Chief Operating Officer
Eric Boonstra
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Anthony Chang, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Jordan Custer, JD
General Counsel
Dr. Matt DeLong, PharmD
Vice President
Melissa Fugitt
Vice President
People Operations
Dr. Jeremiah Johns, MD, MHI, FACEP
Vice President
Medical Affairs
Dr. Harshad Kulkarni, MD
Chief Medical Advisor
Dr. Brandon Mancini, MD, MBA, FACRO
Medical Director
Dr. Stephen Moore, PhD
Vice President
Artificial Intelligence
Anderson Peck, MSE
Chief Technical Advisor
Laurie Placinski, NCIDQ, EDAC, LEED AP
Vice President
Built Environments
Petrit Rudi
Vice President