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Empowering Patients.
Advancing Healthcare.

World's Most Advanced Theranostics Center

BAMF Health is the world’s first vertically integrated platform for molecular imaging and radiopharmaceutical therapy. Using the most advanced imaging technology, we detect and treat diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart conditions, and more. We combine cutting-edge medicine with a team of the most highly-skilled, caring, and dedicated clinicians delivering innovative and life-saving treatments.

Theranostics Brought to Life

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Our patient's super-response to treatment
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Personalized care with Theranostics
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Our patients discuss their journeys

Intelligence-Based Precision Medicine

We practice true precision medicine at BAMF Health. No two people are alike, and we believe their treatment shouldn’t be either.

Our team of industry-leading clinicians builds highly personalized treatment plans and adjusts them based on each person’s unique response to therapy.

Our award-winning AI team is dedicated to developing algorithms and tools that improve patient diagnosis and treatment.

Empowering Patients to Become People Again

  • We are so very grateful to all of you for your compassion, kindness, and amazing treatment.
    BAMF Patient, 68 years old
  • We are so grateful for and overwhelmed by today's images of shrinking cancer cells.
    BAMF Patient, 72 years old
  • Gives me hope. This is sort of the last opportunity at this point in time.
    BAMF Patient, 76 years old
  • Your team is exceptional and you’re doing great work. We're feeling especially grateful to all of you!
    BAMF Patient, 91 years old

Cancer Has Nowhere to Hide

United Imaging uEXPLORER® total-body PET/CT has 2x the resolution of traditional scanners and is 40x more sensitive. Total-body scan in less than 5 minutes compared to 40 minutes with conventional scanners.
BAMF Health was the first U.S. clinic to receive the GE Starguide™ SPECT/CT scanner. With our unique protocol, patients receive a SPECT/CT scan 24 hours post-therapy to assess tumor uptake.
Adjacency of our PET/MR to our PET/CT allows for same-day imaging on both machines leading to more accurate diagnosis without the need for additional radiation. A first in the state of Michigan, we can conduct a whole-body MR scan in one hour.