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Leading the World in Theranostics

Achieving Intelligence-Based Precision Medicine Through AI Enabled Molecular Imaging and Theranostics

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Welcome to Your Global Destination for Precision Medicine

We are at the forefront of care

At BAMF Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we use the most advanced imaging technology available to detect and treat cancer from head to toe.

Our platform has the potential to eliminate unnecessary or harmful procedures and treatments.

Our clinical care team helps patients spend less time in the hospital, feel better faster, and get back to living their lives.

BAMF Health partnered with GE HealthCare to share the story of Theranostics with the world

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Witness Steve Fabiano’s super-response with Theranostics
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See BAMF clinicians using Theranostics to create personalized care for patients
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Hear from Doug Meijer and Ron Foster about their journey at BAMF Health

Empowering Patients to Become People Again

Our Patient Testimonials

  • "We are so very grateful to all of you for your compassion, kindness, and amazing treatment."
    BAMF Patient, 68 years old
  • "We are so grateful for and overwhelmed by today's images of shrinking cancer cells."
    BAMF Patient, 72 years old
  • "Gives me hope. This is sort of the last opportunity at this point in time."
    BAMF Patient, 76 years old
  • "Your team is exceptional and you’re doing great work. We're feeling especially grateful to all of you!"
    BAMF Patient, 91 years old

Molecular Imaging

Our Molecular Imaging Clinic is a world leader in cancer care, offering the most advanced imaging technology for a variety of cancers. In some cases, we offer same or next day scanning.

Patients from around the globe come to us for life-saving care using the most accurate scanning technology available. We can now see disease like never before, with a total body scan time as short as 60 seconds.

At BAMF Health, we see what we treat, and only treat what we see.

Molecular Therapy

Molecular Therapy is available for patients with prostate and neuroendocrine cancer. Advanced clinical trials for other types of cancer will be announced soon.

Molecular therapy is a game-changer in the fight against cancer. Our world-class PET scan intelligence allows us to design a therapy that targets cancerous lesions and destroy them at the cellular level.

A simple IV injection delivers treatment directly to where it is needed, minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. With our innovative approach, we are revolutionizing cancer care.

Intelligence-Based Precision Medicine

BAMF Health is currently treating metastatic prostate cancer and neuroendocrine cancer with Theranostics.

After consultation and diagnostic imaging, our clinical team will determine if Theranostics is right for you and, if not, will recommend the best treatment based on your combined health data.

Our precision medicine model will help us create a 1 of 1 treatment program that is affordable and accessible for you.

Cancer Has Nowhere to Hide

uExplorer total body PET/CT is the only machine of its kind in a US clinic for patient use.
40X more sensitive than traditional PET scanners.
Total body scan in less than 5 minutes. A fully customized experience with enhanced patient comfort.
Better images can change staging or avoid unnecessary procedures. We are able to schedule your scan within days, not weeks.
With the first installation of the GE Starguide in a US Clinic, our clinical care team can monitor the response to therapy and predict the outcome of future treatment utilizing the most advanced SPEC/CT imagery available.
Our clinical care team can see if the therapy is working nearly immediately.
Michigan's first clinical PET/MR allows for the most precise imaging available with neurology, cardiac, and oncology applications.
Adjacency of the PET/CT and PET/MR allows for imaging on both machines leading to more accurate diagnosis or staging without additional radiation dose or exposure.

Our team is paving the way toward a Bold Advanced Medical Future

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