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BAMF ONE Whole-Body MR Scan

Discover What's Inside

What’s happening inside your body shouldn’t be a mystery. You should know if cancer is developing or if unexplained symptoms are cause for concern. You shouldn’t have to wait for a health emergency to take action.

A Whole-Body MR scan at BAMF Health is a proactive step toward clarity. It’s fast, high-quality, and screens for conditions like cancer, cysts, spinal degeneration, and more. With results in hand, you and your doctor can build a plan to address what’s there and prevent what’s not.

Whole-Body MR Scanning at BAMF

All it takes to begin your Whole-Body MR journey is an order from your physician. We’ll take it from there. Next-day availability means you don’t have to wait, and our ONE experience ensures you’ll feel confident, supported, and informed. Scan results are sent directly to your physician and together you can discuss next steps. Don’t wait for disease to strike. A proactive mindset puts you in control of your health.

  • One-hour scan
  • ONE experience
  • Next-day appointments*
  • $2,995

*Once physician order is processed

Proactive Health Management with BAMF ONE

To inquire about BAMF ONE’s Whole-Body MR Scan, please email